*FEATURED PRODUCT* Inc. My Dream: A God Inspired Process to Turn Your Big Idea into a Dream Business

Inc. My Dream is a powerful strategic planning tool for Christian entrepreneurs who sense a Kingdom calling to operate a Business as Mission or Business as Ministry (BAM) venture.

Audio Training - 7 Biblical Strategies to Monetize Your Imagination (MP3)

Your God-given imagination is more powerful than you realize. Maximizing your financial potential is connected to having the mind of Christ. And when it's under the tutorship of the Holy Spirit your possibilities are endless, including how you create income streams for your business and household.

Audio Training - 7 Success Fundamentals for Christian Entrepreneurs (MP3)

Strive for and achieve success in your business ventures while keeping Christ at the center of your focus. The powerful audio training program covers seven critical foundational principals that will give you the confidence to be diligent in your journey for success. Stay grounded in your faith as you allow God to guide your steps toward victory.

Audio Training Series: Treasures in the Sand

Treasures in the Sand: Unlocking Biblical Mysteries for Kingdom Business Success… *More than 4 hours of exclusive teaching from Paul Wilson Jr available only in this series. This powerful series will uncover some key Biblical principles that will position you to thrive in any economy. Topics include: 1) In the Beginning God Created Entrepreneurs, 2) Biblical Sustainability for Your Business, 3) Advancing God's Kingdom in the Marketplace, 4) Spiritual Empowerment and Economic Development SOULutions, and 5) How to T.H.R.I.V.E. in a Financial Famine (Bonus)

Book: Dream B.I.G. in 3D by Paul Wilson Jr.

In this one-of-a-kind book you will learn how to connect your purposepassions, and professional skills with the plans God has for your life. You will understand how He wants you to connect your dream career with your life calling. You owe it to yourself to see just how far your dreams can take you.

Coaching - 7 Week Startup System

7 Week Startup System is a dynamic coaching program that will equip you to launch your business dream by transforming your ideas into a profitable and sustainable business. Learn more at www.7weekstartup.com

Video Training Series: Think Like The King

Think Like The King: Incorporating the Entrepreneurial Mind of Christ in Your Business… God is the original and ultimate entrepreneur. And in order to experience a fulfilling and prosperous business career, we must become skilled at utilizing the divine characteristics of entrepreneurship. In this video series I uncover foundational spiritual characteristics and practical qualities of how to operate effectively with the mind of Christ in business as we utilize Holy Spirit-inspired entrepreneurial ideas to grow profitable businesses that honor God and change lives. This 5-part teaching video series includes: 1) Developing the Entrepreneurial Mind of Christ, 2) Kings and Priest in Business, 3) The Marketplace of Healing, 4) Conquer the Pharaohs that Block Your Prosperity, and 5) Your Harvest Is Ready!