*NEW: Entre-Manure [Ebook]
Entre-Manure: Stop the B.S. [Believing Stuff], So You Can Build a Ridiculously Thriving Business is my new ebook written specifically for struggling who are tired of struggling and need help turning their potential into profits. This creative resource contains 8 major "Growth Fertilizers" that will move you from potential to profits. ​It dispels several faulty business practices that many small entrepreneurs embrace, but that keep them from growing to their full potential.
10 Wealth Building Essentials for Mission Driven Entrepreneurs [Ebook]

10 Wealth Building Essentials for Mission Driven Entrepreneurs contains more than 360 tips, concepts, and ideas to help grow your business God's way!

Audio Coaching: 7 Biblical Strategies to Monetize Your Imagination [MP3]

Your God-given imagination is more powerful than you realize. Maximizing your financial potential is connected to having the mind of Christ. And when it's under the tutorship of the Holy Spirit your possibilities are endless, including how you create income streams for your business and household.

Audio Coaching: 7 Success Fundamentals for Christian Entrepreneurs [MP3]

Strive for and achieve success in your business ventures while keeping Christ at the center of your focus. The powerful audio training program covers seven critical foundational principals that will give you the confidence to be diligent in your journey for success. Stay grounded in your faith as you allow God to guide your steps toward victory.

Audio Coaching: Treasures in the Sand [Motivational Program]

Eternal Success Principles for Mission Driven Entrepreneurs... *More than 4 hours of exclusive teaching from Paul Wilson Jr available only in this series. This powerful series will uncover some key Biblical principles that will position you to thrive in any economy. Topics include: 1) In the Beginning God Created Entrepreneurs, 2) Biblical Sustainability for Your Business, 3) Advancing God's Kingdom in the Marketplace, 4) Spiritual Empowerment and Economic Development SOULutions, and 5) How to T.H.R.I.V.E. in a Financial Famine

Dream B.I.G. in 3D by Paul Wilson Jr [EBook]

Using heart-felt questions and creative exercises, this interactive tool will guide you on an personal treasure hunt to discover how to combine your unique combination of personality, passions, and professional skills to find the work you were purposed to do.

Dream B.I.G. in 3D by Paul Wilson Jr. [Paperback]

In this one-of-a-kind book you will learn how to connect your purposepassions, and professional skills with the plans God has for your life. You will understand how He wants you to connect your dream career with your life calling. You owe it to yourself to see just how far your dreams can take you.

Economic Evangelism 2.1 [FREE EBook]

Economic Evangelism 2.1 is an excerpt from Paul Wilson Jr.'s book, Radical Business: A Playbook to Use Jesus, Jobs & Justice to Transform Your Community. This is an incredible new resource for church leaders, businesspeople, youth Workers, and community change agents to break cycles of poverty, restore hope and release potential! 

Inc. My Dream: A God Inspired Process to Turn Your Big Idea into a Dream Business

Inc. My Dream is a powerful strategic planning tool for Christian entrepreneurs who sense a Kingdom calling to operate a Business as Mission or Business as Ministry (BAM) venture. If you're a new startup or need a fresh start in your business, this innovative resource will give you the strategic framework to develop theentrepreneurial mind of Christ needed to grow a B.I.G. (Bold, Innovative, God-Inspired) business that glorifies God, transforms communities, and changes lives, including yours!

Inc. My Dream: Business Startup Resource Kit

These powerful tools will give you everything you need to get your business up and running! Your resources include: 1) Inc. My Dream! A God Inspired Process to Turn Your BIG Idea into Dream Business, 2) Dream B.I.G. in 3D: How to Pursue a Bold, Innovative, God-Inspired Life!, 4) Treasures In The Sand Audio Series (5 MP3s), 6) Quick Start Business Planning Questionnaire, and 5) Quick Start Business Plan Template

Insider Secrets to Winning Big Contracts with Fortune 500 Companies [Ebook]

Based on my background as a corporate purchasing agent, small business coach, and supplier diversity consultant, I teach small businesses the behind-the-scenes best practices to winning big contracts with multi-billion dollar corporations.